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The American Rural Network

By connecting the very heart of rural regions, agriculture production, with a 21st century communication and data transfer infrastructure, we fully engage a new, emerging digital economy to not only close the gap disparity, but seamlessly blend into existing urban networks. Thus, creating socio-economic and industry indifference amongst thriving regions.

The Tower System

The American Rural Network provides private Internet access to the home, office, school or in-field telematics devices over the most secure network available. The password protected network will connect to devices for up to 3 miles.


  • Each 50 ft. aluminum self-supporting tower equipped with cellular data backhaul via T-Mobile.

  • Carrier-grade electronics will convert the cellular signal into user-friendly WiFi, to be broadcasted throughout the coverage area. 

  • Each tower requires 3 days to install and be "on air." On air means a WiFi signal is transmitted for up to 3 miles or can be bridged from the tower to a home or building, where internet access is needed. 

  • Clusters of towers can be scaled accordingly for a community, in order to provide Internet access to a regional area. 

  • Available for purchase by individual households, businesses, ag/farming operations, co-ops, and municipalities.

Unlimited Data - Unlimited Speeds - Unlimited Connections

Unlock unlimited possibilities 

for your rural home, business operation and community.

“Digital technologies have fundamentally impacted business models within every sector of our economy from agriculture to healthcare, education to energy, and manufacturing to the arts. Despite enormous private investment and dedicated Federal grant and loan programs, too many American citizens and businesses lack access to this basic tool of modern economic prosperity.”

- Sonny Perdue, Secretary Of Agriculture

Vertical Real Estate Partners

The United States grapples with a deep digital divide in which those who need broadband access the most, are the least likely to be connected. US ACRES Coalition is changing the infrastructure landscape by deploying American Rural Network tower sites across the U.S. to under-served communities.

Enjoy the benefits of owning Tower Assets

  • Rural Broadband Infrastructure

  • Nation-wide Opportunity

  • Regional Territories Available Now

  • Proprietary, No-Hassle Agreements 

  • Earn Recurring Cash Flow, Long-term Leases

  • $60K ea., Clusters of 10 or 30 Units

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