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US ACRES Coalition - The American Rural Network with T-Mobile, an Agency and Integrator of Rural Economic Development Opportunity, engages with communities through civic stewardship to promote the lives of rural Americans through innovative technology solutions, charitable distribution of goods, community activism, development and enrichment by providing meaningful advancement and support. The role of the Coalition is to introduce and demonstrate the integration of critical infrastructure as a holistic, mission-driven approach. 

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Ambassador Bronner


Highly respected in the business community, Bronner Davis brings 30-years as an RF Engineer, Outside Plant Engineer and Wireless Division Manager for companies such as T-Mobile, AT&T, CH2MHill & US West/Qwest. He’s an expert in designing, implementing and optimizing telecommunications infrastructure (Cellular, Wireline, Wireless Networking) to transition strategic plan into deployable solutions. Ambassador Bronner has upgraded many markets across the US from their outdated analog systems to today's digital infrastructures, facilitating global-connectedness. For over a decade, he has been a pioneer in the development of specialty rural communication solutions. With an entrepreneurial background, Bronner can transform the infrastructural and economic landscape of any community. 

•       A Black Belt in Six Sigma

•       Champion California SMART Infrastructure - 2014

•       Chair of the CA State Infrastructure Action Team

•       Candidate for State Senate – District 5 CA 2016

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Dr. Dave


Dr. Dave is a lifelong Musician-Performer and Entertainer. In the Early 90's, he created a 24-song repertoire of rap music for kids. These songs covered safety, awareness combined with specific grounding moves that taught children how to fight off attacks from a perpetrator. His attempts to get funding and/or published were met with skepticism and doubt. Big publishers were not interested in backing him because they felt that the content was not mainstream enough to sell.  


His research and experience as a children's pastor in a major city led him to believe that the big name publishers were not in tune with what was really happening with children in their everyday lives, especially in the inner city. He began his non-profit by feeding 150 kids per week, then by heralding a vehicle donation program for single mothers, followed by producing a traveling show that featured his music in open air settings. He and his team would just roll up in an inner city and set up an event. With a mobile stage and kitchen, he would load up backpacks, school supplies and perform his music for kids using the moniker "Armorman".  The local police and authorities were simply amazed, his show would last about an hour. Within that hour he and his team made magic, they were efficient, and almost military in their execution. Dr. Dave has always been big on just letting kids enjoy themselves by dancing to the moves he made, and teaching them that they had the power to say "NO" to things that were not good for their persons. This resulted in distributing over 50,000 copies of the Armorman series in 5 nations. 


Now, Dr. Dave is focused on bringing an all American show to rural America and opening up the doors to bring the American Rural Network. His show is focused on "being American, being connected in your faith, being connected to your family, and connecting with the rural American movement". 

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